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Tuition and Financing Options


Your pursuit of higher education is one of the most important investments you’ll make. And once you’ve decided to take your future to the next level, the first step in financing your education starts with exploring personal and family resources for funding your dreams. After you’ve identified your personal resources, the next step is to investigate financing opportunities.

The Bryan College Associate Degree in Aviation Professional Pilot program total tuition is $21,340, which is in addition to the CFA flight training tuition as outlined at The associate degree includes a total of 63 semester college credits, of which the CFA flight training equates to 18 of these credits. Thus, the Bryan College coursework includes 45 credits, or 15 courses in addition to the flight training provided through CFA.

For an overview of the courses offered and credits awarded, please contact a member of the Bryan College admissions team at +1-619-448-2212 or download the program summary document.

Scholarships Now Available to All Spring 2018 Applicants!

Bryan College is pleased to announce that scholarships are currently available for all applicants of the Associate Degree in Aviation Professional Pilot program. There are currently several scholarships available.

These scholarships are being offered one-time only in conjunction with the class beginning Spring 2018.  Join our cutting-edge associate degree program and learn some of the most advanced competencies and skillsets available to professional pilots. We’re looking for outstanding candidates with characteristics such as:

  • Belief in the importance of lifelong learning
  • Dedication to completing the program successfully
  • Ability to keep the weekly time commitment
  • Understanding of the importance of the associate degree program and how it might impact one’s career, employer, and the broader community

Scholarship Amount

The cost of the associate degree aviation program, including books and courseware, is $21,340. The total amount of each scholarship is $16,840 per awarded recipient and the application fee is waived. Therefore, for scholarship recipients, the net cost of the program will only be $4,500! For this amount, we have payment plans and financing options available.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

For those desiring to apply to the Bryan College Associate Degree in Aviation Professional pilot program and Scholarship concurrently, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Bryan College application.
  2. Please contact Reza at: 619-448-2212 or email: to receive enrollment materials and instructions, which will be completed using a Docusign link. Instructions on how to access Docusign and complete the documents will also be provided. We highly recommend completing the documents in person with Reza to ensure any questions you have are addressed.
  3. Provide a copy of your High School diploma/GED or transcript.
  4. Confirm you have the schedule availability to attend course lectures and labs during the week. Contact Reza for full details.

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