Private Pilot License

Earning a Private Pilot License is the first step in any aviation career. The PPL permits the holder to pilot a single-engine aircraft privately (not for pay). Whether for personal or professional purposes, earning your PPL will start you down your desired aviation pathway.

The PPL course includes the following elements:

  • 45 Dual Flight Hours*
  • 5 Solo Flight Hours*
  • 3 Redbird Simulator Hours
  • Ground Instruction (Pre/Post)
  • Cessna Computer Instruction
  • Air Traffic Control Communications
  • 2 Check Ride Hours*
  • Air Traffic Control Communication Class

Bryan College students also complete an extensive Air Traffic Control (ATC) course that is designed to give them proficient ATC language skills, along with the control tower communication skills required by government safety regulations. All flight training for the PPL course is provided by California Flight Academy and counts as credit towards your Bryan College associate degree program.

We invite you to start your pilot pathway at Bryan College today by https://programs-ratings/associate-degree-in-aviation/completing the Request Information Form above or by calling us directly at (619) 448-2212.

*This represents the average number of hours for a Bryan College student. Individual hours may vary and more hours may be required depending upon skill level. Pricing is based on Cessna 152, height and weight limitations apply.

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